Adis Medunjanin and Zasrein Ahmedzay: Two more arrested in New York Commuter Bomb Plot

JAN 08 2010 — Adis Medunjanin (Bosnian immigrant) and Zasrein Ahmedyza (US citizen) were detained as part of an “ongoing investigation” and were reported to be associates of Afghan-born Colorado man, Najibullah Zazi, who has already been charged with planning an attack on New York commuters.

Defense attorney Michael Marinaccio noted that the indictment made no mention of terrorism. The former Queens high school classmates are suspected of going to Pakistan in 2008 to acquire training from a terrorist organization.

Zazi allegedly bought beauty supplies in a Denver suburb to make peroxide-based bombs. He is suspected of driving to the New York area on September 10, 2009 after police search his car that day and found a laptop computer with bomb-making instructions that Zazi said he accidently downloaded while looking for religious content on the Internet.

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SOURCE: New York Daily News Zarein Ahmedzay pleads not guilty to Zazi terror plot, second suspect Medunjanin ‘not cooperating’