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Car Bombs and Roadside Bombs Kill at Least 32 in Baghdad

A series of car bombs and roadside bombs killed at least 32 people in Baghdad Friday. Most people were killed near Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr’s office in Sadr city where at least 21 died and 45 were inured. Another bomb attack targeted a mosque in northern Baghdad that killed 3 and injured 14.

SOURCE: 32 killed in string of bomb attacks in Baghdad

One Response to “Car Bombs and Roadside Bombs Kill at Least 32 in Baghdad”

  1. markjuliansmith says:

    I once told a Buddhist surely mans capacity for murdering fellow human beings was approaching its zenith, the Buddhist disagreed.

    On finding the following web link tonight and reading the above I now agree with the Buddhist.

    Mans capacity for killing knows no bounds when they hold in their hand not a gun, or a sword, or even a nuclear weapon – but the following text.

    For cognisant human beings are formed and deformed by human text. Not God. As food is fuel for our bodies human text is fuel for our thoughts and subsequent actions.

    The text shows eating the 25 points of the National Socialism (Nazi party) manifesto of 1920 clearly has the same deleterious effect as eating the “The Cow” quran manifesto on non-adherents.

    It is not a question of if a country has a nuclear weapon but if a country has a nuclear weapon in their left hand and this text in their right.

    It is text which defines the danger not the weapon.

    Clearly we are in great danger