GLOBALCONFLICTMAPS.COM is a news aggregator and reference website regarding political and military conflict around the world. Political conflict includes cultural war issues. is a news website about primarily political arguments, world conflicts, wars, terror acts, foreign policy, military equipment, and military and police counter-terrorism strategies. Articles may also involve conflicts involving individuals or social groups or society with non-human threats or opponents, such as society vs Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The emphasis of the publication is to document conflicts that occur in the human condition.

Although the following notice may apply to almost articles on, the following notice may be applied and posted with highly controversial topics where readers may become triggered to believed there was an underlying bias intended in the article. The purpose of the notice below (in quotes) is to clarify that there was no bias intended.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT POLARIZED TOPICS: This article is identified as describing a highly controversial topic with controversial human subject(s). Articles in this publication are posted for information only, and are not intended to promote, endorse, or criticize any of the human subjects described, unless endorsements, criticism or opinions are explicitly expressed. The intention of the articles is to provide a process to understand the conflict described, and the players involved in the conflict — not to provide a conclusive decision (since articles very likely have insufficient information). Quotations from subjects in articles are not purported to be true or false; or agreeable or disagreeable unless explicitly expressed. Quotations from subjects consist of documentation of a subject’s statement at a specific date and time. Any perceived bias in this article may be caused by the reader(s) misinterpreting the source of quotations, the reader(s) projection of their own emotional response connected to disagreeable content, or due to the reader(s) jumping to conclusions about a news article that is many times an incomplete work in progress as part of a continuum in the range of the entire blog or publication. Readers are encouraged to use this article as a stepping stone combined with other articles from this publication and/or outside publications to increase understanding of the topic and involved subject(s). In other words, this article is not the FINAL WORD by any stretch of the imagination.”


GLOBALCONFLICTMAP.COM is the web address for the direct referral to world maps and regional maps to help understand world resources, weather, politics and conflict.

Both websites were rolled out on January 1, 2010.

Articles were published forward on December 11, 2009. Incidents prior to December 11, 2009 have been archived in the Terrorist Incident Log Category.


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