GLOBALCONFLICTMAPS.COM is a news aggregator and reference website regarding political and military conflict around the world. Political conflict includes cultural war issues. is a news website about primarily political arguments, world conflicts, wars, terror acts, foreign policy, military equipment, and military and police counter-terrorism strategies. Articles may also involve conflicts involving individuals or social groups or society with non-human threats or opponents, such as society vs Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The emphasis of the publication is to document conflicts that occur in the human condition.

GLOBALCONFLICTMAP.COM is the web address for the direct referral to world maps and regional maps to help understand world resources, weather, politics and conflict.

Both websites were rolled on January 1, 2010.

Articles were published forward on December 11, 2009. Incidents prior to December 11, 2009 have been archived in the Terrorist Incident Log Category.


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