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Glenn Beck Compares the Christian Book of Revelation and the Belief of the Return of the Final Imām of the Twelve Imams — the 12th Imam

A startling analysis of radical Islam’s goal to bring on the Māhdī. Controversial Fox News host Glenn Beck and author of The Islamic AntiChrist, Joel Richardson, explained the goal of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, sixth and current President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, to bring chaos and a bloodbath to the world, which fanatical Muslims believe will hasten the return of the 12th Imam and eventually paradise.

The Māhdī
Muḥammad ibn al-Ḥasan al-Mahdī is believed by Twelver Shī‘a Muslims to be the Māhdī, an ultimate savior of humankind and the final Imām of the Twelve Imams. Twelver Shī‘a believe that al-Māhdī was born in 869 and did not die but rather was hidden by God (this is referred to as the Occultation) and will later emerge with Isa (Jesus Christ) in order to fulfill their mission of bringing peace and justice to the world. He assumed the Imamate at 5 years of age. Some Shiīte schools do not consider ibn-al-Hasan to be the Mahdī , though the mainstream sect Twelvers do.

Shi’as believe that, for various reasons, Allah concealed the twelfth and current Shi’a Imam, al-Mahdi, from mankind.

Beck and Richardson showed a riveting comparison of the Christian Biblical description of End Times and the Islamic description of the End Times based on The Hadith. Beck emphasized that he wasn’t saying he believed in the predictions, but claimed it was important that people pay attention to people who want to bring on the End Times — especially if they are heads of states.

Biblical Version of the End Times
Antichrist kills Jews/Christians
Antichrist rules 7 years
Peace with Israel then breaks treaty with Israel
Anti/Christ kills and behead non-believers
AntiChrist with Global Seat on the Temple Mount
Jesus returns and saves believers from the past 7 years of tribulations

Islamic Version of the End Times
Imam kills Jews and Christians
Imam rules 7 years
Peace with Israel then conquers Israel
Imam kills and beheads non-believers
Imam with Global Seat on the Temple Mount
… and a little different version of Jesus …
Jesus returns … the Muslim Jesus tells people He never said He was the Son of God, and never died on the cross for people’s sins. Muslim Jesus tells Christian to follow the Māhdī or die.

Beck held a discussion about Muslim disagreement about the Hadith. The Hadith are narrations concerning the words and deeds of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Hadith are regarded by traditional Islamic schools of jurisprudence as important tools for understanding the Qur’an and in matters of jurisprudence. Hadith were evaluated and gathered into large collections during the 8th and 9th centuries. These works are referred to in matters of Islamic law and history to this day. The two main denominations of Islam, Shiʻism and Sunnism, have different sets of Hadith collections.

6 Responses to “Glenn Beck Compares the Christian Book of Revelation and the Belief of the Return of the Final Imām of the Twelve Imams — the 12th Imam”

  1. Randy Tucker says:

    I am so glad I was able to find this site. I am very interested in the 12er’s since I first heard of them on Glenn Becks show. I am a Christian and this all makes perfect sense to ma as a believer and it also makes me ever more aware that I must be ready at all times to see my Savior come in the clouds. As the Bible says “He is even at the door”. Even so, Come Lord Jesus…Come soon.
    I would love to be added to your list!

    God Bless,
    Randy Tucker

  2. Jerry says:

    @ Randy Tucker I echo what you say brother, as a fellow believer in The Lord Jesus…Come Lord Jesus. Soon & liberate your people, Up, up & Away. God Bless You, Brother.

  3. Unpopular Truth says:

    I am not too familiar with Muslim writings but I am very familiar with the Bible, having studied it for many years. Given the reality that the scriptures offer little or no support for the falsely claimed “Biblical Version of the End Times” cited above, one can reasonably expect that Beck and Richardson probably making things up on the Muslim side as well.

  4. Zar says:

    I agree with Unpopular Truth.

    some errors in this post exist, the first being calling it the Book of Revelations. Its Revelation, not Revelations. Also, the End Times Rapture and 7 year Tribulation Scenario is not actually in the Book of Revelation at all. It was pieced together from several separate books in the Bible, such as the Book of Daniel for the 7 years of Anti-Christ, or the Epistles of John for the Anti-Christ general concept (Though its actually plural). The Rapture itself was taken from Paul’s First letter to the Thessalonians, but makes no mention of seven years of Tribulation and is actually saying not to worry about the Dead as they are with God already.

    The “Biblical” Version of the End Times presented above was actually unheard of prior to the 1830’s. It was linked to Dispensationalism, which some Baptists still hold to but surprisingly ha been abandoned by Evangelical Christians, though they retain the Rapture bit at the End.

    Most Churches do not teach the “Biblical End Times” precisely because it snot actually in the Bible. Its more of an American Evangelical thing.

    Worse, Beck is a Mormon, and Mormons specifically do not teach a Seven Year Tribulation and Rapture f the Church.

    He’s going against this own Churches teachings!

    I think that he’s using it more as a Political and Cultural Identifier. By making he Islamic Mahadi into the Biblical Anti-Christ using the Popular Rapture Theory, he can further delight his mainly Evangelical Audience whilst continuing to Demonise all Muslims everywhere. Its not exactly a secret that Muslims have become the new Boogie Man for the Neo-Cons and anything that both tarnishes them whilst Praising Christianity and that mixes the Evil Muslim Terrorist narrative into a Christian Narrative will allow the audience to link their political and cultural views onto their Faith thus justifying it, whilst making the world more streamlined and simple.

    This is why I , as both a Staunch Conservative (Though not a Neo-Conservative) and as a Devout Christian can’t stand Glenn Beck. He doesn’t care about what it means to actually be Christian, or even about the Doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints he supposedly follows, he cares about using those affiliations to build up a cultural and political moment motivated by dedication to his own Agenda and political beliefs, and that secures him power by telling others what they want to hear.

    He is amongst the least Christian Television Commentators I know.

  5. kenny says:

    (Given the reality that the scriptures offer little or no support for the falsely claimed “Biblical Version of the End Times” cited above). Come on man, little if no support? What scriptures are you reading anyway?

  6. Roger says:

    Hi Globalconflictmaps,
    Along the same lines,, From the stinging replies of Americas “culture warrior,” Bill O’Reilly, to the sardonic humor of Glenn Beck and all in between there is a lot to be desired.