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North Korea Fires Artillery Shells in Training Drill After Attacking Yeonpyeong

North Korea was estimated to have fired about 20 shells as part of a training exercise on Friday. Blasts were heard several times in Yeonpyeong from the inland area of Gaemori, North Korea, between 12:20 p.m. and a little past 3 p.m. No rounds fell on South Korean territory or in the territorial waters of […]

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North Korea, South Korea Artillery Exchange, 2 South Korean Marines Killed

North and South Korea exchanged artillery fire Tuesday morning along the border between the two countries. The communist nation North Korea warned of more military strikes if the South encroaches on the maritime border by “even 0.001 millimeter.” The 60-minute skirmish began when North Korea warned the South to halt military drills near their sea […]

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