Christians Attacked in Pre-Christmas Attacks in Iraq

WED DEC 23 2009 — Two churches attacked in Mosul: Chaldean Church of St. George and Syriac Orthodox Church of St. Thomas. A pre-Christmas attack on a church killed two people in the Iraqi city of Mosul Wednesday while a Sunni Arab candidate died in a bombing in Fallujah, the first such murder ahead of March polls.

The murder victims were among 13 people killed in violence across the country, despite security forces ramping up their presence ahead of Christmas and the Shiite commemoration ceremonies of Ashura.

In the Mosul attack on the Chaldean Church of Saint George, three people were killed: a Chaldean Christian and two Muslims. Other victims also suffered injuries. Local witnesses report that the explosion was caused by “a cart of vegetables, filled with bombs.” Also in Mosul, two people were killed and five others wounded Wednesday morning when a handcart used to carry flour was left across the street from the Syrian Orthodox church of St Thomas and detonated.

In the last six weeks in Mosul, four churches and a convent of Dominican nuns have been attacked.

Wikipedia: Sticky Bomb | Mosul | Day of Ashura | Sunni | Kirkuk (Chaldean Archdiocese) | Archbishop Louis Sako (needs German-English translation)

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