Residential Search Operation: 19 Shi’ite Rebels Killed, 25 Arrested

OPERATION ‘Blow to the Head’ — Yemeni security forces conducted house-to-house sweep of Saada, Yemen to flush out Shi’ite rebel hideouts and Houthis — members of a tribe. The operation resulted in the deaths of eight soldiers and 19 Shi’ite rebels, and the arrest of at least 25 rebels. The rebels are also known as Huthis and Zaidis (Zaidi).

The Yemeni government also faces separatist movement in the south and is fighting a resurgent al Qaeda in multiple provinces.

Wikipedia: Yahia Badreddin al-Houthi | Abdullah al-Ruzami | Yahia Badreddin al-Houthi | Saada (Sa’dah) | Yemen

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