GOP Address: Less Than One Hour of Questioning of Christmas Day Terrorist by FBI?

Video of Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) in GOP Weekly address discussing the Obama administration’s treatment of Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab as a common criminal, instead of a terrorist.

Common criminal or terrorist?
Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), ranking member of the Senate Homeland Security Committee discusses the Obama administration’s failures in dealing with the Christmas Day bomber.

Sen. Collins expresses her incredulity that the bomber was interrogated for only 50 minutes before getting his Miranda rights.

Sen. Collins says, “The Obama administration appears to have a blind spot when it comes to the War on Terrorism. . . . Theres no other way to explain the irresponsible, indeed dangerous, decision on Abdulmutallab’s interrogation. There’s no other way to explain the inconceivable treatment of him as if he were a common criminal. This charade must stop. Foreign terrorists are enemy combatants and they must be treated as such. The safety of the American people depends on it.”

Director of National Intelligence not consulted
Secretary of Defense not consulted
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Director of National Counter Terrorism Center was not consulted