Major Bomb Blast Kills at Least 20 Shia Pilgrims, Injures 120 in Karbala

A bomb blast from a cart pulled by a motorcycle hit Shia pilgrims, including women and children, as they were traveling on foot from Hillah in Babil Province to Karbala to take part in mourning ceremonies marking the 40th day after the Ashura anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (PBUH).

Also, two separate roadside bombs targeted Shia pilgrims in a region south and southwest of Baghdad, killing at least one person and wounding at least four pilgrims.

The bombings are the latest in a string of attacks this week against the Shia Muslim pilgrims who are walking to Karbala, which hosts Imam Hussein’s holy shrine.

Wikipedia: Karbala | Shia Islam (followers are Shi’as but are also known as Shiites or Shi’ites) | PBUH (Peace Be Upon Him)

SOURCE: PRESSTV Major blast in Karbala kills 20 pilgrims, injures 120