Suicide Bombings in Baqubah, Iraq Kill 32

AP VIDEO: At least 32 people were killed by a triple suicide bombing northeast of the Iraqi capital. The blasts in Baqouba, including one at the emergency hospital, come days ahead of key elections.

Suicide bombers attacked two police stations and a hospital Wednesday in Baqubah, Iraq, killing at least 32 people. Bombings to disrupt upcoming elections are anticipated, and this attack on security forces who guard the polling stations on Sunday, confirms those suspicions.

Two suicide bombers struck almost simultaneously at police stations in the center of the city. As emergency workers were transporting the wounded in ambulances, another suicide bomber detonated a vest rigged with explosives at the gates of the hospital, injuring and killing more. Twelve policemen were among those killed.

SOURCE: Los Angeles Times Iraq suicide bombings kill 31 as elections near