Bomb Attack at Political Rally in Timergarah and US Consulate in Pakistan Kills Over 40, Injures Over 80

Bomb attacks in northwest Pakistan killed 41 an wounded 80 in an attack on a political rally of the secular Awami National party in Timergarah in the Lower Dir district, next to the Swat valley.

In a separate attack of car bombs and grenades, Islamist militants attacked the US consulate in Peshawar, the region’s main city, with car bombs and grenades in an apparent attempt to storm the heavily fortified compound. Four of the attackers were killed and three other people died — a paramilitary soldier, a private security guard and a civilian.

Video of bomb exploding near U.S. Consulate — Islamist militants attacked a U.S. consulate in northwest Pakistan with car bombs and grenades, killing three people, hours after 41 people died in a suicide attack on a political rally.

RAW VIDEO: Four bombs explode near U.S> Consulate in Peshawar.

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