At Least 95 Killed in Plane Crash, Including President of Poland, High-Ranking Delegation

Polish president Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria, along with high-ranking officials in a delegation, were killed after their plane crashed on approach to Smolensk airport in western Russia. Army chief of staff, General Franciszek Gagor, National Bank President Slawomir Skrzypek and Deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Kremer were on the passenger list.

The plane — a Tupolev Tu-154 — apparently attempted to land several times in fog and clipped some treetops on approach.

The delegation was on its way to attend a World War Two memorial service.

Partial list of victims …
Lech Kaczysnki – Polish president.
Maria Kaczynska – The president’s wife
Ryszard Kaczorowski – Poland’s last president-in-exile
Aleksander Szczyglo – head of the National Security Office
Pawel Wypych – presidential aide
Mariusz Handzlik – presidential aide
Jerzego Szmajdzinski – deputy parliament speaker
Andrzej Kremer – Deputy Foreign Minister
Gen. Franciszek Gagor – head of the army chief of staff
Andrzej Przewoznik – minister in charge of WWII memorials
Slawomir Skrzypek – head of the National Bank of Poland
Janusz Kurtyka – head of the National Remembrance Institute
Przemyslaw Gosiewski – lawmaker
Zbigniew Wassermann – lawmaker
Grzegorz Dolniak – lawmaker
Janusz Kochanowski – civil rights commissioner
Bishop Tadeusz Ploski – army chaplain

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