‘Massive’ Student Protest in United Kingdom Over College Tuition Hike

Tens of thousands of students marched in a demonstration and riot through London on Wednesday angry with plans to triple university tuition fees. Possibly 50,000 students, lecturers and supporters were demonstrating against plans to raise the cost of studying at a university to 9,000 pounds ($14,000) per year.

At least people have been injured. A report of a fire extinguisher was reported thrown off the roof of the Millbank Tower in central London. Millbank Tower is the headquarters of the Conservative Party

The National Union of Students said it would try to recall legislators from the party who vote in favor on the hike.

The protest was mostly peaceful, but there are reports of people smashing ground-level windows in the Millbank Tower, a 387-foot high skyscraper in the City of Westminster. Some reports of fires started and egg-throwing.

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