Al Qaeda, It’s the Economy: Promises U.S. Death By A ‘Thousand Cuts’

Inspire magazine — the English-language propaganda publication produced by AQAP that had Willis Tower, Chicago on the front page a few weeks ago — gave a detailed description of how the October Mail/Shipping Bomb attempted attack with printer cartridges was conceived and produced.

The cost of Operation Hemorrhage: “Two Nokia mobiles, $150 each, two HP printers, $300 each, plus shipping, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses add up to a total bill of $4,200.”

Frequent smaller attacks is known as the strategy of Death by a Thousand Cuts.

AQAP also took credit for the September crash of a UPS cargo flight in Dubai; but, U.S. and U.A.E. officials have concluded that the crash was not an act of terrorism.