Raw Video: 4 Killed As NATO Tankers Attacked in Pakistan, Near Afghanistan

Unidentified gunmen in northwestern Pakistan attacked and torched about a dozen NATO oil tankers before dawn on Friday. The tankers were carrying fuel supplies for the NATO forces stationed in Afghanistan.

At least four people are reported dead after an attack in northwestern Pakistan. The dead are reported to have been drivers or assistants on the tanker missions.

At least 11 fuel tankers that are designated to transport fuel to NATO forces in Afghanistan were set ablaze in the attack near Peshawar, capital of the Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Province.

Militants targeted tankers carrying fuel for NATO troops in neighboring Afghanistan. Islamist militants, who have attacked tankers before to disrupt forces fighting the Taliban, are suspects.

Peshwar is about 80 miles east of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, and about 25 miles west of the Afghanistan border.

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