Pakistanis in Lahore Beat, Burn Effigy of CIA Agent

Video shows Pakastanis beating and burning a stuffed dummy — an effigy of an American CIA contractor.

Hundreds of people staged an anti-American protest in Lahore, Pakistan on Saturday. They burned a U.S. flag and set fire to an effigy of an American CIA contractor accused of murdering two Pakistanis in Lahore last month.

Raymond Davis, an American diplomat in Pakistan, shot and killed two offenders attempting to rob him Thursday when the offenders confronted him on a motorcycle along a busy roadway in Lahore.

Davis was reported to be in a car, stopped at a traffic light, when assailants on a motorcycle pulled up alongside and tried to rob him. At least one pulled out a pistol, and then was shot by Davis.

Also, a U.S. Consulate car rushing to the scene of the was involved in a car crash that killed a third motorcyclist.

A crowd of bystanders gathered at the scene, and set tires on fire, protesting the shootings.

The Pakistan ISI suggests the men were Mr Davis’s informants, who were disgruntled in a dispute over pay, causing Davis to fear that they would reveal his true identity.

Apparently ISI sent the men to follow Mr. Davis because ISI believed he had crossed “a red line”. Late last month, Davis was asked to leave an area of Lahore restricted to the military. His mobile phone was pinged and tracked and some of his calls were made to Waziristan. ISI suspected the calls were made to “ground informants” guiding US drone strikes against Taliban militants, where they have a safe have in Waziristan.

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