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Khilafah or Caliphate

Caliphate refers to the first system of government established in Islam, and represented the political unity of the Muslim Ummah (nation). In theory, it is a constitutional republic (see Constitution of Medina), meaning that the […]

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Glenn Beck Compares the Christian Book of Revelation and the Belief of the Return of the Final Imām of the Twelve Imams — the 12th Imam

A startling analysis of radical Islam’s goal to bring on the Māhdī. Controversial Fox News host Glenn Beck and author of The Islamic AntiChrist, Joel Richardson, explained the goal of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, sixth and current […]

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Police Disperse Iranian Protesters With Tear Gas, Sec of Sate Clinton Comments on Courage of Iranian People

Clashes between Iranian police and tens of thousands of protesters wracked central Tehran on Monday killing one person, as opposition supporters tried to evoke the spirit of Egypt’s recent popular uprising. Hillary Clinton: “What we […]