When UN Resolution Was Approved to Protect Libyan Civilians, 5 Air Forces Were Put on Standby

UN Security Council passed a resolution Thursday night, March 17, 2011 that approved not only a no-fly zone for Libya but also “all necessary measures to protect civilians and civilian-populated areas under threat of attack”.

The vote was carried by carried by 10 votes with five nations abstaining: Russia, China, Brazil, India and Germany.

US, British, French, UAE and Qatar air forces were on standby.

In Tunis, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton explained that a UN no-fly zone over Libya “would require the bombing of targets to take out the threat posed by Muammar Qaddafi’s regime.”
She spoke after Cairo rejected Washington’s request for the use of Egyptian air bases to enforce the no fly zone against Libya and from which to launch US air attacks on Qaddafi’s army.

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