Jerusalem Bus Bomb at Central Bus Station, 1 Dead, 25 Injured

More than two dozen people have been injured in a bomb explosion at a crowded bus stop in central Jerusalem. It appears to be the first militant attack in the city in several years.

A powerful bomb left inside a bag at bus stop outside Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station exploded Wednesday, killing one woman and wounding at least 25 people, several with life-threatening injuries.

The last bombing in Jerusalem involved a suicide bomber in 2004.

The Jerusalem Central Bus Station is the main bus depot in Jerusalem, Israel and one of the busiest bus stations in the Israel. Central Bus Station is located on Jaffa Road near the entrance to the city. The station serves Egged and Dan intercity bus routes. City buses pick up and drop off passengers across the street on Jaffa Road and on Zalman Shazar Boulevard, which is accessed by an underground pedestrian passageway.

One woman is dead and more than 20 people are hurt after a bomb struck a crowded bus stop in central Jerusalem. There’s been no claim of responsibility, but Israel blames Palestinian militants.

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