Violent Minority of Anarchists Attack Property on Oxford Street, London

Tens of thousands of mostly peaceful demonstrators streamed into central London on Saturday to march against government budget cuts. Video shows a small breakaway group smashing its way into a bank, breaking windows and spray painting logos on the walls.

At least thirteen shops on Oxford Street were closed as anarchists and police were involved in struggles. A masked mob surrounded and beat about 12 police officers near Sackville Street and Piccadilly. Thirteen police officers were reported injured overall.

Police report 211 people were arrested for offenses ranging from disorderly conduct to criminal damage to aggravated trespass and violent disorder equipped with the intent to cause criminal damage.

Late afternoon police were focusing on the area of Fortnum and Mason where organized anti-tax evasion activists, known as UK Uncut, had gathered.

In all, 66 people were reported injured.