Riot in Qalandiya; Nakba Day Riots; 1 Killed, 80 Injured

On Sunday May 15, 2011 about 50 to 100 rioters hurled rocks and firebombs at Israeli forces at the security fence near the Arab villages of Bil’in and Nil’in, located near the city of Modi’in between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Hundreds of Arab protestors rioted throughout Israel during the past three days in “Nakba Day” protests against the re-establishment of Israel. Nakba Day is a commemoration day for the Palestinian people that annually recognizes the displacement that accompanied the creation of Israel in 1948.

Jerusalem police report they arrested 34 Palestinian youngsters Friday on suspicion of public disorder offenses. Another 13 were detained for questioning.

About 10,000 refugees holding large Jordanian and Palestinian flags in Jordan marked the anniversary on Friday. They began to gather in the town of Karemeh in Jordan Valley. They also carried “Palestinian refugees will return.”

Protestors are also pouring in from Lebanon and Syria.

The death of Milad Said Ayyash, a Palestinian, was shot Friday. At least 80 others were injured in northern Gaza. The death count is likely to rise.

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