Sama Elmasry Sings Song of Disgust About President Barack Obama’s Performance with Egypt

An example of the divisiveness and disgust in Egypt can be seen in a video clip featuring a narrative song by Egyptian performer Sama Elmasry. Titled “You Obama, Your Father, Mother,” it attacks the US president for allegedly preferring Islamic radicals over the Egyptian army. You Obama, Your Father, Mother has gone viral, with over 180.000 views on Monday 8:00 AM UT since July 30, 2013.

Lyrics are translated in red subtitles (transcript without chorus below) …

Alsissi has dismissed Morsi

Hey … you Sayed

Morsi won’t see the feast

You Obama, your father, mother

And all the others

Listen to me Obama

Our army is very strong

Behave yourself

Hey Obama, support the terrorism

Traitor like the brotherhodd (sic) members

Obama say It’s a coup

That’s not your business dirty man

That’s not you father, mother business

And you Patterson, stop messing

Old , b*$% woman

You want us to release Morsi

Hey Obama, you are stupid bad man

Stop this or I will stab you [displays knife in stabbing motion]

Why then you told Mubarak

To leave immediately

You threaten us with the US aid

F*** it and F*** you

You are a jerk


You threaten us with the US aid

Your ambassador is very wicked woman

Alsissi has beaten you

And Egyptian people supported him

You meet Alnoor Islamic Party

Ha … Ha … Ha …

Now we know all the secrets

Egyptians are not idiots

You meet Alnoor Islamic Party

This party is sneaky and menless

Alnoor, brotherhood and Aboul Fotooh are the same

Hey Obama, father, mother …

Hey Obama

Be polit

You and terrorists

Listen to me Obama

Our army is very strong

Hey Obama, father, mother …

You and terrorists

Listen to me Obama

Our army is very strong

Listen to me Obama

And all the disgusting guys

We are the people tell you

You can’t fool us

You tried to play it

But you can’t play this wicked game

With us cause we are the Alfa

Hey Obama, father, mother …

[The singer then switches to English]

Your father and your mother

Your Israel

Your Turkey

And your [?]

All of you go to Hell

Listen Obama

We are Egyptian

We are a Civilization [background images show Great Pyramids, Great Sphinx of Giza]

Are you listen, Obama?


The song closes with a picture of Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who led the anti-Morsi coup. The song then ends with a closing title that reads …

“When Egypt talking
should be America
shut up.

Sama Elmasry”

Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is an Egyptian General who has been Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces, as well as Minister of Defence, since 12 August 2012. As head of the armed forces, he played the leading role in the July 2013 military coup, which ousted President Mohamed Morsi, following large-scale protests against Morsi and his Islamist government. Al-Sisi was subsequently appointed as First Deputy Prime Minister, while remaining Minister of Defense.

According to the Egyptian Armed Forces official website, some of Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s training was in the United States. Below is the full bio on the website:

Military Qualifications
Bachelor of Military Sciences.
Company Commander Course.
Battalion Commander Course.
Master’s Degree in Military Sciences (Command and Staff College).
Fellowship of the High War College (Nasser Higher Military Academy).

Foreign Courses
Egyptian Military Attaché in Riyadh, KSA
Basic Infantry Course, USA.
British Command and Staff College Course, Kimberly, UK
Army High War College Course, USA

Main Command Positions
Commander, 509th Mechanized Infantry Battalion.
Chief of Staff, 134th Mechanized Infantry Brigade.
Commander, 16th Mechanized Infantry Brigade.
Chief of Staff, 2nd Mechanized Infantry Division.
Commander, 2nd Mechanized Infantry Division.
Chief of Staff, Northern Military Zone.
Commander, Northern Military Zone.
Deputy Director, Military Intelligence and Reconnaissance Department.
Director, Military Intelligence and Reconnaissance Department

Medals & Decorations
25th of April Decoration (Liberation Of Sinai).
Distinguished Service Decoration.
Military Duty Decoration, Second Class.
Military Duty Decoration, First Class.
Longevity & Exemplary Medal.
Liberation of Kuwait Medal.
Silver Jubilee of October War Medal.
Golden Jubilee of the 23rdof July Revolution

Anne Woods Patterson is an American diplomat and career Foreign Service Officer. Ambassador Patterson currently serves as the United States Ambassador to Egypt. She previously served as acting United States Ambassador to the United Nations in 2005 and as United States Ambassador to Pakistan from July 2007 to October 2010.

Sama Elmasry is an Egyptian actress and singer who fled to Cairo with her ​​family and began her work as a broadcaster.

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