Rioters Burn Tires in Protest in Kiev, Ukraine; Two Protestors Killed with GSW

Protesters burned tires in central Kiev on Wednesday, where they also set off firecrackers and hurled rocks in the direction of state security forces.

Two protesters have died after suffering bullet wounds in a protest in Kiev. Anti-government protests began in November 2013, but clashes recently accelerated Wednesday when police advanced to dismantle a protest camp at the Maidan (Independence Square).

The anti-government protests started when Mr. Viktor Yanukovych decided in late November 2013 to pull out of a landmark treaty with the European Union. Now protestors also demand Yanukovych’s resignation.

Protesters threw petrol bombs and stones at riot police, who returned fire with stun grenades and rubber bullets. Some protesters were also seen carrying handguns. Police deny that they are responsible for the gunshot wounds, but at least one medic believes gunshot wounds he saw were from a police sniper.

Battles between police and protesters continued in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev Wednesday. Rubber bullets were reportedly fired, while rubber tires were seen burning in the streets.

Reporters sought shelter from violence as they were pushed along with a crowd by police in Kiev, on Wednesday.

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