Tucker Carlson on the Republican Party, Trump, and Racism on The Rubin Report

Tucker Carlson (Host of Fox News Tucker Carlson Tonight) joins Dave Rubin to discuss his upbringing, his frustrations with the Republican Party, his views on Trump and racism, Google censorship, and more.

Tucker Carlson says cable media and mainstream media have so discredited themselves and is so obviously propaganda. He says people how obsess on trump are destroying themselves.

Tucker references the ACLU action when in 1977, Frank Collin, the leader of National Socialist Party of America, announced the party’s intention to march through Skokie, Illinois. In the predominantly Jewish community in north suburban Chicagoland where one in six residents was a Holocaust survivor or was directly related to one. Originally, the NSPA had planned a political rally in Marquette Park in Chicago; however the Chicago authorities blocked these plans by requiring the NSPA to post a public safety insurance bond and by banning political demonstrations in Marquette Park.

On behalf of the NSPA, the ACLU challenged the injunction issued by the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, that prohibited marchers at the proposed Skokie rally from wearing Nazi uniforms or displaying swastikas. The ACLU was represented by civil rights attorneys David Goldberger, who later became a professor at Ohio State’s law school and Burton Joseph. The challengers argued that the injunction violated the First Amendment rights of the marchers to express themselves.

Ultimately the NSPA did not march in Skokie, but marched in Chicago instead. The litigation left undecided whether the First Amendment applies to expressions of provocative and intimidating hate speech with fascist and/or racist ideas.

Tucker Carlson (Host of Tucker Carlson Tonight) joins Dave Rubin to discuss issues with CNN and other mainstream media, why he doesn’t focus on Trump, the importance of free speech, his thoughts on Fox News, and more.

Tucker Carlson (Host, Tucker Carlson Tonight) joins Dave to discuss his upbringing, his frustrations with the Republican party, his views on Trump and racism, issues with CNN and other mainstream media, the importance of free speech, and more.

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