Chris Wallace Riles Fox News YouTube Subscribers; Reacting to Persistent Interruptions During Kellyanne Conway Interview

Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway joins Chris Wallace on ‘Fox News Sunday.’

Chris Wallace makes it obvious that he is a biased objector and not an interviewer with his closing, “OK, on that we can agree.” He was referring to Kellyanne Conway shoutout, “Congratulations, Nationals.”

Highlighted YouTube comments …

“Let me ask you some questions… then when you are in the middle of answering, I will start to ask another question. Isn’t this fun?”

— Trevor Grindz

“Chris Wallace is a joke too, wow, never seen him be so dishonest when he knows better.”

— Michael Cameron

“Chris Wallace–Jeff Zucker is coaching him in his ear phones–“Rip up Kelley Conway with interruptions and interrogations,’hee hee hee.'”

— Godblessamerica


— Peter Rose

“Chris Wallace seemed to have his own agenda, more like listening to himself than holding a valid discussion with Kelley Anne. Stop the annoying interruptions. Give her space to express her viewpoints.”

— Stephen Lim