‘Orwellian Lefty Lunacy’ Says Netanyahu Is Whipping Up Violence for Political Gain; Israel Should ‘Allow Citizens to Be Terrorized’

Sky News Host Rowan Dean speaks out against ‘Orwellian lefty lunacy’ and the “woke left” idea that Israel’s defense of its citizens is “disproportionate” due to complicated historical reasons, and that says that Israel should ‘allow citizens to be terrorized’. YouTube Tips ⓘ

Conservative politicians, such as Sen. Ted Cruz, blame President Joe Biden’s foreign policy that undermines Israel and sends funds to Hamas. Sky News Host Rowan Dean says that anyone who wants to pin the responsibility of the conflict on Israel is a “dangerous fool” that refuses to recognize who is actually taking advantage of Palestinians. Dean says the Palestinians have been mercilessly exploited for decades by a succession of Arab dictators, murderous Islamists, and fanatical terror groups.

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