Russia State Terror: Lies Internally and Externally, Defames West, Bullies West

The cult of hate and lies causes many Russians to support Putin even in war crimes in #Ukraine (UATV/March 8, 2022). YouTube Tips ⓘ

UA|TV, funded by the Ukrainian government, is a 24/7 international broadcaster that targets broad audiences around the globe. The UATV goal is to deliver objective, relevant and interesting information about Ukraine.

UA|TV’s non-news content highlights the latest developments in Ukraine, in particular in the east of the country (Donbas) and Crimea; ongoing reforms; achievements in culture, science and technology, and stories of prominent Ukrainians of past and present; Ukrainian history, art and cuisine and amazing landscapes and tourist destinations.

UA|TV broadcasts content via cable networks of Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Israel, Canada, USA, Germany, Latvia, Moldova, and Poland.

Russian medevac vehicle loaded with ammo …