Rioters in Sweden Throw Rocks and Petrol Bombs at Police After Decision to Permit Far-Right Rallies

Clashes have taken place for a fourth day in several Swedish cities, sparked by the apparent burning of the Quran by a far-right, anti-immigrant group. YouTube Tips ⓘ

Rioters threw rocks and petrol bombs at police in Sweden following a decision to permit rallies by a far-right politician Rasmus Paladan which also involved burning of the Quran.

Paludan sought to hold a Quran-burning protest in a heavily Muslim-populated area in Sweden, which Swedish police granted him permission while he was being guarded by police. Paludan burnt the Quran after demonstrators asked police not to allow him to burn the Quran. After the police ignored the requests, demonstrators shut down the road, and began throwing stones at the police.

A similar riot occurred in the city of Linköping on April 14, 2022 attacked police vehicles and burned a car.

Twelve police officers were wounded and four of police cars were set on fire by angry mobs in Örebro.

Social media posts showed men breaking the windows of police cars as they screamed the Takbir “Allāhu ʾakbaru.”

Paludan burned a Quran the next day in Rinkeby, causing more riots.

Paludan was interrupted in Malmö on April 16, 2022 by people throwing stones. Paludan was hit by a rock and the attackers were repelled with pepper spray. Rioters also torched a bus in the city overnight.

Over a hundred demonstrators gathered in Landskrona, Scania on 17 April 17, 2022, where a ceremony to burn the Quran was set to take place, but never took place.

Protesters stoned and set fire to vehicles, intentionally obstructed traffic and caused extensive property damage. An arson fire also occurred at a school in Rosengård.

Rasmus Paladan, leader of the Danish far-right ‘Hard Line’ party, plans to hold a series of demonstrations in Sweden and has threatened to burn the Quran. YouTube Tips ⓘ

More than 40 people have been arrested after violent clashes broke out in Sweden. The unrest was triggered after a political claimed he burned a copy of Quran. Molly Gambhir tells you more. YouTube Tips ⓘ