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Ukrainian Tank Crew Destroys Russian Armored Personnel Carrier in a Single Shot Through an Opening in a Demolished 4-Story Building

Video captures a Ukrainian tank crew firing through an opening in demolished building to that hits a Russian armored personnel carrier on the other side of the building in a single shot. YouTube Tips ⓘ

Ukraine Global View (Map data ©2022 Google INEGI)
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Aftermath of Russian Attack on Village North of Kyiv Near Russian Military Camp in Forest in Ukraine

A Russian military camp was ‘Neither disciplined nor comfortable’ according to CNN reporter Phil Black, who toured the abandoned Russian military camp with a Ukrainian soldier. YouTube Tips ⓘ Phil Black toured Hostomel and interviewed […]

Ukraine Global View (Map data ©2022 Google INEGI)

Ukraine Demolishes Putin’s Super Tanks While Ammunition Storage in Russian T-72s Threatens Tank Personnel

Russia’s equipment losses in the Ukraine war have far exceeded the expectations of military analysts. Over 2,300 Russian military vehicles have been destroyed, abandoned or captured by Ukrainian forces, as per open-source data alone (CRUX). […]