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Tucker Carlson on the Republican Party, Trump, and Racism on The Rubin Report

Tucker Carlson (Host of Fox News Tucker Carlson Tonight) joins Dave Rubin to discuss his upbringing, his frustrations with the Republican Party, his views on Trump and racism, Google censorship, and more. Tucker Carlson says cable media and mainstream media have so discredited themselves and is so obviously propaganda. He says people how obsess on […]

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CIA, Spy Chiefs: Obama Wrong to Say Intelligence Networks Failed, Fault Lies with Counterterrorism Center

Fueled by death of seven of their own in a suicide bombing attack in Afghanistan, some CIA officials are angry over criticism by President Barack Obama after Northwest Airlines Flight 253 Bomber Abdulmutallab, 23, was able to board a US-bound flight in Amsterdam despite evidence he was a terror threat. The eighth person killed was […]

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