Comedian Vic DiBitetto Is Ticked Off: Here’s His Message to the Government to Help the Citizens of the United States

WARNING: Graphic Language. Along with the spit and snow, there’s a message that might help ‘the little guy’ with mortgage payments, car payments, credit card bills. Try not to laugh, smile or grin (after all this is serious) while watching comedian Vic DiBitetto.

To comedian Vic DiBitetto, the solution is simple: Just tag on the number of months of failed debt payments that occurred during the “Stay at Home Order” for the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic to the end of fixed period of time, and extend the final payment date.

By the way, he’s wearing a City of New York Police Fugitive Enforcement Division jacket.

This wouldn’t be the approach would take (because we’re no artistic match for a Brooklyn comedian), but admittedly there were was some laughing out loud with this one.

Victor Robert DiBitetto, from Brooklyn, New York, is a stand-up comedian, Internet personality, and actor. DiBitetto often refers to himself as “The Donkey of Comedy,” or “The Working Class Zero.” Dibitetto is known for his YouTube videos, most notably his “Bread and Milk” video. He also starred as security guard Gino Chizetti in the profitable, but not highly critically acclaimed 2015 comedy film, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.

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