Tucker Reveals CNN’s Cuomo for Phony Coronavirus ‘Reemergence Video’ After He Was Seen Outside His Home During His So-Called Quarantine

CNN’s Chris Cuomo airs video of himself emerging from quarantine, although he was caught outside of his home prior.

NY Gov. Cuomo’s brother Chris Cuomo, a CNN anchor, described that his quarantine was super strict, and falsely represented his ceremonial “first” re-entry to civilization from the basement as his quarantine ended. Cuomo even admitted on SiriusXM on April 13, 2020 that he had gotten into an argument with a fat-tired biker.

“By the way if you’re the ‘jack ass loser fat-tired bicyclist,’ you’re always welcome on this show … we’d love to hear from you.”

— Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson found the fat-tired bicyclist from Long Island that witnessed Chris Cuomo violating his quarantine (that Cuomo preached was so important) … interview below …

Long Island resident David Whelan says he was verbally attacked by Chris Cuomo when he challenged the CNN anchor for breaking his coronavirus quarantine.