Shooting Caught on Video at Las Vegas Federal Courthouse Not Believed to Be Terrorism

GRAPHIC LANGUAGE: Raw cellphone video from the original iPhone video capture from a street corner near the courthouse.

Law enforcement officials in Las Vegas say that Johnny Lee Wicks opened fire at a security checkpoint at a federal courthouse in downtown Las Vegas because he was upset he lost lawsuit over his Social Security benefits.

At least two people killed in a shooting that began inside a Las Vegas courthouse lobby. A deputy U.S. marshal was injured and a court security officer was killed Monday morning in a shootout inside the federal courthouse in downtown Las Vegas. The suspected gunman was shot and killed.

“Hell of a morning for jury duty,” said the iPhone user as he captured the gunshots on audio, and the sight of the front of the courthouse on video. Possibly 43 to 51 total gunshots were fired during the shootout. The offender fled across the street and was shot in the head. “I think they got him,” is heard at the end of the cell phone video.

SOURCE: AP sources: Las Vegas shooting suspect had sued over Social Security benefits